Dear Friends and Colleagues in Christ,

Some of your may know me from Harvest, CityLife and (other organisations), but from now on I will be writing to you as Managing Director of Springboard Consulting.

Matthew 26:31 quoting from Zechariah 13:7: “Strike the shepherd & scatter the sheep” stirred me to consider: what if we strengthen the pastor, then we strengthen the church.

So in 2016, along with gifted and passionate colleagues, we embarked into this new venture called Springboard ConsultingWe have a deep desire and strong conviction that if we and others can strengthen pastors, then we can strengthen the church and see the Kingdom of God extended.

Springboard does this through a range of seminars, personal one to one mentoring and coaching, pastoral counselling, specific training and specialist guidance including quickened prophetic ministry all carefully founded upon Scriptural integrity.

How do you know if you’d benefit from Springboard’s ministry?

  1. Take the 5 minute Pastoral Health Survey, this survey is designed to enable you as a pastor, minister, Christian Missions or Bible college leader to assess your personal Pastoral Health. It’s written directly for Pastors, but easily applicable for all senior Christian leaders.
  2. Do you have someone or a group of people who are strengthening you in your ministry journey?


You may have had wonderful Bible College training, but it may have been many years ago and you’re facing things for which you’ve never been equipped. Or perhaps you’re struggling early on in ministry and you’d benefit from having someone to journey with you whether for a short intervention or a longer time.

Springboard has a range of key team members who can help in the journey of ministry in many areas. (For example here’s my brief credentials: D Min Fuller Theol Seminary; MA (Church Leadership), Dip Th, B Sc, Dip Ed, Cert IV TAE.) And if you’re interested in knowing some of our other team members, their profiles are also available on our website

We at Springboard regularly pray for Pastors personally, prophetically and powerfully genuinely desiring to see God’s church strengthened, pastors refreshed and empowered and the Lord’s Kingdom glorified.

We look forward to journeying with you on your spiritual journey so that God’s glory can be fully expressed through your ministries.