Personal mentoring is targeted at areas that the client feels will enhance their personal, ministry, business or life growth specialising in emotional health along with personal empowerment and fulfillment.

Gifting Recognition

This is a journey of personal discovery that every church leader should embark on. God has gifted everyone for unique impact within the church. Every pastor should know how they’ve been uniquely gifted. This helps you be good with what you’ve been given, but also allows you to see who you need to bring around you for support in areas you’re not gifted in. Going on this journey means learning about yourself, having good biblical teaching about the gifts, and rethinking the way you lead and do ministry.

Strategic Appraisal and Development

Strategic appraisal is made of the organisation with a development plan resulting from a thorough SWOT analysis. This then is offered as a recommendation report. Implementation coaching can then be followed up or the organisation can take it from there.

School Professional Development Days

Through 14 years teaching and over 16 years pastoring, and more than a decade of preaching, Springboard can provide outstanding transformative PD days in schools. Teachers will be inspired, challenged and equipped powerfully.

Preaching Development

Preaching is a key component to what a Senior leader does, so how do we know if we’re effective? We, as preachers, should want to be very effective at communicating and this is a skill and art that can be developed. If you’re open to sharpening your preaching then we can look at thought formation, content, flow, delivery, charisma, and being faithful to the Word

Conference Speaking, Preaching and theological teaching

From teaching at a Masters level in Australia and beyond to training pastors and leaders in Asian rural towns, to Conference speaking to Chaplains, regularly preaching in churches both locally and globally, Springboard can inspire, equip and mobilise people for the kingdom.


The purpose of coaching is to help people learn how to ask the right questions in order to achieve their dream/goal. Often referred to as ‘the guide on the side’, coaching helps you discover and unearth what’s in you and then strategically set things in place to see those things become a reality. The accountability given in coaching helps clients to reach those goals and eventually not need regular contact with the coach. We’re here to help you get where you need to go in a healthy way.

Strategic coaching is focused upon areas that will create health and cause growth for the organisation, whether it be a church, school, university, NGO, mission organisation or business.

Conflict Resolution

Assist in churches and pastors’ ministries.

Pastoral counselling and Life Coaching

With over 30 years pastoral counselling and life coaching experience, Springboard can bring fresh hope and grace to many situations

Vision Development

One of the challenges of leadership is defining where it is that you’re going, effectively communicating that to your team, making it part of your culture, and measuring whether you’re actually doing it. Vision development helps draw out what unique vision you have, articulating it, and then talking through how you can communicate it to your team. Then TOGETHER goals CAN be set in order to measure if the vision is becoming a reality.

Prophetic Ministry, training and empowerment

Recognised with a prophetic gift for over 25 years, and now serving on an international Board in India as a prophet, Springboard consulting provides Prophetic seminars which equip and release people in this exciting and transformative gift

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation comes through discipleship, training and personal mentoring. Springboard can be involved in large or small groups to bring spiritual formation and growth.

Development of emotionally healthy organisations

Healthy organisations grow and are productive. But there are key ingredients that create a healthy organisation. A primary one is emotional health and emotional intelligence. With a thesis on this area reviewing an organisation of 130 employees and over 8000 members & extensive experience, keys are shared through a 14 hour interactive seminar and ongoing mentoring as needed.

Global mission training, focus and inspiration

Drawing from over 15 years global missions experience, Springboard can empower your church to strategically impact through missions.
An appraisal can be made of your current effectiveness. Inspirational stories, preaching and ministry can also release your church into another level in global mission.


Changes can be a very difficult thing to navigate within organisations. With experience in healthy transitions on many levels of leadership, a plan and process can be put in place that helps achieve a win for you and the organisation you’re in. Things that could be discussed are succession planning, mapping your next step or season, preparing for healthy transition, transitioning team and other issues related to making changes.


I would like to be coached by Brian, He listens and thinks before he speaks. He asks the critical questions and his advice comes out of a deep place. Brian has a breadth of faith matched by experience from living in diverse contexts!

Tim Costello – CEO – World Vision Australia
Ian Kruithoff – Church Health Director – ACC Victoria

Andrew Drummond is a minister of trustworthy integrity who loves the Church. He has embraced and helped pastoral couples who have burned out and has rescued and restored churches in danger of closure. He has the unique blend of being truly caring and yet saying it how it is in order to bring real change to a situation. Andrew has years of experience as a local pastor and understands pastors. He is someone who is articulate, brings clarity to a situation and inspires belief in times of needed change.

I strongly endorse Brian Birkett. Brian is talented, qualified, experienced, intelligent, wise, and trustworthy. He listens and communicates well. People like and warm to him. He has excellent cross-cultural experience and deep knowledge across various sectors. In working with Brian Birkett you are gaining a skilled professional but also a trusted colleague who you can talk confidentially with and who will bring discipline, thoughtfulness, fresh insight and creativity to your organisation.

Dr Andrew Menzies – Principal – Stirling Theological College

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