Pastors are drowning under sin, distractions, the burden of anxiety, depression, fatigue and even exhaustion.

It’s often not their fault. What are we doing to strengthen them? Or are we simply criticising from a distance and expecting more and better? Have you prayed for your pastor today, this week? Or sent them an encouraging email, text, tweet, FB instant message…? Or even snail mail letter to arrive in their letter box?

So, what’s the key to pastor’s becoming healthy?

One key is their EMOTIONAL HEALTH.


As Pete Scazerro says:

“You can’t be spiritually healthy if your not emotionally healthy.”

It just makes sense doesn’t it? If you’re internally struggling, then your moments with God and delight in serving Him will be seriously hampered.

How do we know if we’re struggling as Pastors? Try completing the Pastoral Health Survey. It only takes 5 minutes and will give you a quick snapshot as to how you’re going.

So, how do you become emotionally healthy? It’s dealing with inner issues. We know this. But there are new and fresh ways for God to work in us through others. What about grabbing a hold of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazerro and reading it?! And then doing what it says.

And how about talking with someone? Someone in your support network, a counsellor or psychologist, another pastor who you can trust or even someone from Springboard who specialises in supporting pastors. 

As you can already tell, I am very passionate in building emotionally healthy pastors, so in my next blog I will be talking about becoming increasingly emotionally healthy and steps that you can make with Springboard so we can together walk the journey with you, for the benefit of your ministry, family and personal growth in Christ.