As the New Year begins for your ministry, NOW is a good time to be sure that you have appropriate supports in place for you to flourish.

Personal prayer, devotional times with God, refreshing worship and supportive family surrounded by a good ministry team are all essential.

But so is having personal supports. These may come through your denomination/ church movement, your local church or your own networks.

If so, you have a far greater possibility of flourishing this year.

Moses had Aaron & Hur, David had Jonathan, Paul had Barnabas and then he had Silas. Naomi had Ruth. Who do you have partnering with you this year? 

Do you have appropriate support networks around you?

If not, why not contact us at Springboard. We’re here ready to come alongside you and journey with you throughout the year. Or even for a shorter time for you to have intensive support. Perhaps you’d like to have some training for your leadership team? We offer many seminars tailor-made to meet the intricacies of your team.

Our passion is to “empower people for purpose” and “strengthen pastors” in so doing strengthening the Body of Christ & building the Kingdom of God.

As the year begins, may God wonderfully bless and guide you in all you do. 

If Springboard can be of any service for you, your church or ministry, feel free to contact us. You can see the latest of what we offer and who’s on our team @