“Strategy is a framework of CHOICES that determine the nature and direction of an organisation.” T. Freedman

All of scripture is a very strategic plan being played out as God interacted with humanity inviting key people to participate in His will. While the choice was theirs to make, God was very intentional in both the people He chose and the timing of those choices in order to achieve a very specific outcome. Throughout this process God maintained His core values and shared them with all those who would listen. Redemptive love was the goal and salvation was the strategic plan God employed to achieve this goal, culminating with the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Knowing your vision or goals is only the beginning of a very intentional strategic journey. In the book Advanced Strategic Planning, Aubrey Malphurs offers four steps in process of developing this Strategic Development.

Step 1: Formulate development objectives with goals

This begins with formulating the objectives along with the specific goals needed to effectively develop the mini-strategies that make up the overall strategy

Step 2: Recruit development team leaders and teams

The goals are only as good as the people that carry them out and so choosing the rights teams and their leaders is vital. This is not a time to ask for volunteers, these people should be selected based on the objectives and goals that have been set.

Step 3: Determine development deadlines

Dates must be set for when these goals must be accomplished. Everyone needs deadlines in order chart a path forward.

Step 4: Develop strategic goals

This is where the teams now engage in developing how goal is going to be accomplished. Everyone knows what needs to be done and now you must creatively think of ways in which to do that together.

Knowing your vision is only the first step in the process of becoming intentional about where you are going as a leader, pastor, or business. We must develop strategic processes in order to take great ideas and make them a reality. This is not something that is often modelled very well for us. The challenge for all of us is to be faithful with what we have been given and good strategy helps us to do that and measure how whether we are hitting out targets or not.

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